Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Recce for ADRC Corrie to Goatfell August 2011.(afternoon walk)

Our starting point.

Steep path up from Corrie.

Mountain views from North Goatfell.

R.H.S. at the summit.
I now realise that I should have blogged these walks in reverse order with the morning one first but  am sure you can all follow what I mean. After leaving Lochranza on the bus we alighted at the wee village of Corrie to start our afternoon climb up Goatfell (874M) where I have the honour of being this Saturday's leader for ADRC. Again more detail will appear after the actual walk has been completed. Leaving Corrie it is a fairly stiff climb to the summit passing North Goatfell on the way. Once there the wind picked up and was gusting making the going a wee bit tough particularly over the narrow ledges. We decided not to hang about and made our way down to Brodick to catch the 6.00PM ferry back to Ardrossan. Due to the high winds the ferry company decided to cancel this sailing so we had to wait for the 7.20PM. Excellent long day out and thanks to RHS for his company and assistance in planning these two walks.

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