Thursday, 13 October 2011

Local ladies walk from Girvan to Barr October 2011

The local ladies.
Today was a different day out from my normal. I was asked by a fellow rambler if I could help guide her and some friends on the Carrick Way from Girvan to the village of Barr.This is a walk I have done before and also blogged  fairly recently so to save any embarrassment to todays group I will only give brief details hence the lack of photographs. We started up a very muddy Laggan Hill over to Tormitchel Quarry.Passing the quarry we made our way over the hills to Barr. It was at this point the group realised what they had taken on and were getting a wee bit tired. Not to worry we all made it eventually and a nice lady with a mini bus met us in the village to take us back to Girvan.I really enjoyed my day meeting new faces who are keen to do more walks. As I said ladies if you need me again I will be only too pleased to try and assist.Thank you  for asking me along.

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