Saturday, 15 October 2011

South Ayrshire Ramblers. River Nith circular via Drumlanrig. October 2011

Crossing the River Nith at the walk start.

Autumn colours are not quite there yet.

The recent rain washed the path away here.

This was a forest when the recce was done.

What a nice house right on the river edge.

Some guys in canoes on the river.

Lunch stop in Eliock Forest.

The jolly green giant came out in disguise today!

The male walkers wondered how this house got its name.

Today's large group in Drumlanrig Park.

What a cheery walkleader (R.H.S.)
Today Saturday October 15 I went out with the South Ayrshire Ramblers under the leadership of the Right Honourable Secretary on  the River Nith walk to Drumlanrig Park which forms part of the castle grounds.27 of us left the car park near Eliock Woods on a calm cloudy morning. The weatherman told us to expect rain in the afternoon so we were determined to make the most of a dry morning. Following the river our first obstacle was a forest that had just been cleared using heavy machinery leaving the path just one large peat bog. Lots of slips and spills here not to mention the odd bad word being muttered by some walkers. The leader assured us that when he recced it this part was a nice forestry track , however today we could only imagine what it once looked like.Passing a lovely little house on the riverside the owner came out for a chat and confirmed the forest had  only been cleared this week. He was amazed that we had made it through as he had been telling other people that it was impassable.(He obviously did not reckon on these 27 hardy souls from Ayrshire)On we went down the river and stopped to admire some canoeists doing their thing in the white water rapids. One girl actually lost her canoe when she got thrown out but it was finally caught by a colleague further downstream. Not a sport for the faint hearted. We now arrived in the grounds of the Drumlanrig Park and onto some hard roads which made the going a lot easier. After lunch it was an easy 5 mile road walk back to the start and thankfully the forecaster got it wrong again and the whole day was completed in dry conditions. Thanks to RHS for a very interesting 10 mile walk in fairly testing forestry conditions.

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  1. It's a wonder the Nith isn't as black as coal.
    As you no doubt know,it's surrounded by opencast mines west of New Cumnock.
    I've got our party interested in coming up to Afton Water in the summer.
    Well done getting through the forest.