Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wigtownshire Ramblers. Dailly walk in the rain.October 2011

Our starting point

Leader briefing the walkers in the rain.

The Lindsayton Burn.

Some of the paths were a wee bit tricky!

One of the walkers owns this fine 1994 Lada Riva.

How to resolve a neighbourly dispute in the village.

Autumn colours have finally arrived.

Need I say more?

Still smiling through the rain.

The leader was the teacher. (Looks a wee bit like the late walker
Tom Weir!!)
Today I met up with my mother group Stranraer and Wigtownshire Ramblers who had travelled all the way to Dailly to climb Barony Hill.14 of us met at the village square in what can only be described as a truly wet miserable morning.The leader decided we would rearrange the walk due to the appalling conditions and do a woodland ramble through the Lindsayton Burn area returning to the cars before deciding our next move.The ground conditions were very wet underfoot but we all managed to complete the first part of our outing unscathed. Once back at the cars it was decided to go and  visit the ruins of the old Dalquharran Castle where we had our lunch stop before going to look at the more modern castle dating back to the 18th century . My good friend and fellow blogger will be giving you a very full and informative blog on the castles history and plans for the future, which can be accessed using the following link.The Newton Stewart Blogger. Leaving the castles behind we walked along a minor road back to the start. Our leader aplogised for the shortened walk but as we all know when we volunteer to lead walks we have no control over the weather conditions on the day. Excellent effort by the teacher under difficult circumstances and he has agreed to repeat the walk next year in the summer programme.

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  1. Wet but enjoyable Gordon.
    Love that last picture,he looks like a bit of a 'Heid the Ba' there.
    Shhh ! I shouldn't say things like that about my Grand Sheik.