Sunday, 30 October 2011

ADRC Pinmore/Millenderdale walk. October 2011

Walkers gather at Pinmore

This sow wanted to join us.

One of the many stops to hear a wee bit of local history being explained by one of the leaders.

She always finds someone to talk to!

Lunch on the roadside.

Caravan has seen better days.

Four Texal Rams.

Todays large group.

Our two lovely young walk leaders.
Today Sunday October 30  ADRC met at Pinmore about 4 miles South of Girvan on the Newton Stewart road.(A714)34 of us started out from the village which is just one walker short of the record for this group. We were very fortunate to have two leaders who were both local lassies and were brought up in the area which formed todays 7 mile "C" walk.Leaving the village we went on a minor road to the start of the Millenderdale farm track to take us along to a farm where one of our leaders had warned the farmer that there would be a few us passing through today. Several times we had to do wee detours to avoid the cattle who were grazing in the fields with their calfs.Arriving at the farm was fun with several small Jack Russell pups jumping around the walkers. They probably have never seen so many folk at one time in their lifes.The next stretch was into a muddy field to Lendal Lodge where we had our lunch stop. We were now on a minor road that took us passed Knocklaugh Lodge where we were told at one time there was no running water in the house so they had to carry it  from a well across the road.The children had to walk to school in all weathers as they were within the 3 mile radius of the school so the council did not need to provide transport. How times have changed no doubt the owners today have a 4 wheel drive SUV and the kids go to a private school.Passing the Water of Lendal we made our way back to the start to end a wonderful dry windy walk led by two of Ayrshire's finest whose local knowledge made this one of most memorable walks this year one I will repeat with some of the other walking clubs I am involved in.The large group gave the leaders a very well earned vote of thanks.


  1. Thanks for the nice comments of todays walk Gordon. Surprised sooo many turned up. No rain was a bonus!

    Lendal Lass

  2. Thanks, Gordon for the welcome back.
    It was a spirit lifter to be walking again among good company.

    The pilot