Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ballantrae to Beneraird circular November 2011

Looking over to an old favourite "Knockdolian"

The teacher pointing to some wreckage from a plane (see text)

There is still quite a lot of it left.

Summit of Beneraird (439M) No shorts on today!!
Today Thursday I left Ayr on the 6.40AM bus to Ballantrae via Girvan and picked up the teacher en route. This is a walk I did in the summer with my mother group Wigtownshire ramblers so I will not repeat a lot of it but if you wish you can see my previous blog at Farmers walk to Beneraird also a professional one was done by my good friend from Newton Stewart called The blogging rambler.You need to scroll right down  at it is the last posting on the page.The walk today basically followed the same route to the summit of Beneraird then in the  mist we carried on to Pildinny Hill to look at the plane wreckage which is still lying around today from a crash that occurred in 1945. A Liberton aircraft from Lancashire was on its way to Prestwick with 20 American Servicemen on board when it crashed resulting in 17 deaths plus 3 being seriously injured. One of the survivors managed to reach Lagafater Lodge to raise the alarm.A cairn is supposed to be in the area in memory of all those who lost their lifes but in the heavy mist we failed to find it so another trip up there is being planned for next Spring.The amount of wreckage still visible today must make quite unique that the souvenir hunters over the years had not removed all traces of it. Perhaps its remote location has helped to preserve it.We then went over Big Fell and  down through Balkissock to make our way back to Ballantrae.This was an 11 mile walk with a lot of boggy ground to contend with , the mist at the top made it a wee bit disappointing to miss out on the wonderful views you can get there on a good day. Once back at the start the sun was shining and the clouds were dispersing as we waited for the bus to take us home. Another good day out in the company of the teacher  who is trying to educate me as we trudge along the paths. Give it up pal it is too late to try that on me now at my age.

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