Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Elite walking group . Dunure and Brown Carrick Hill. November 2011

Todays group at the top of Brown Carrick Hill.
Today Tuesday November 8th 4 of us from our Elite walking group did a 12 mile circular walk starting from my house in Doonfoot. This is a walk I did recently with ADRC and I will try and bring in the link from that blog to this one as I was shown how to do it by the expert from Newton Stewart. http://gordonanne.blogspot.com/2011/10/adrc-brown-carrick-hill-ayr-circular.html  Not quite as I wanted to post it but at least it is there. Once I get a bit more practice at the link maybe it should look a wee bit more professional! Anyway back to todays walk we set off after a delayed start having to wait for one of the group who arrived late due the volume of traffic on the Ayr by pass. Honestly have you ever heard such a limp excuse,in true blog tradition no names will be mentioned but Troon is only a few miles up the coast from Ayr.As I have blogged this earlier and the poor light today I have decided to not reproduce any of the photos but give you a quick resume of our walk. Starting off along the shore to the Bracken Bay caravan site we then turned inland to climb up Brown Carrick Hill and  onto Fisherton which is the wee village next to Dunure. Passing the school the teacher thought about his days in that profession and decided he would much rather be out walking today than stuck inside a classroom. Could not agree more. Passing the remains of the Kibble School (see previous blog for details) we made our way back onto the shore to have our lunch stop. At this point I reflected to the others about  earlier experiences in my life on these shores when we used to hold barbeque parties and get up to some high jinks most of it is censored and not for younger bloggers ears.Back along the shore we then headed for the Heads of Ayr where we saw some wonderful sightings of the many seabirds to be found on this coastline. Passing by Greenan Castle we arrived back at the house after a good leg stretching walk to end a super day out in our local area.


  1. Nicely linked Gordon.
    Another mention of Kibble ?
    There's a web page called Kibble dot Org.Have a look and click on history,very interesting.

  2. When you and I were young Maggie Blue10 November 2011 at 21:29

    A brilliant walk Gordon - beats working!!!!