Saturday, 7 January 2012

Doonfoot to the Carrick Hills and Dunure .January 2012

Todays small group.
Today Saturday January 7 five of us decided to do  an old favourite of mine up and over the Carrick Hills to Dunure. As I have blogged it on so many occasions I will keep this fairly brief with only one photo to post. We all met at my house in Doonfoot and made our way onto the shore to take us past Craig Tara and due to it being high tide we went over the heads of Ayr as opposed to walking the shore. At the Bracken Bay caravan site we went up the road to the aerials at the top of Brown Carrick Hill before making our way down through Fisherton and onto the shore at the now infamous Kibble school. As I was about to tell the story of the Kibble the chorus was "please not again" but 1 of our group had not heard it before so he was given an abridged version of the history. Lunch was taken at the usual cove in the lea of the wind before walking along the shore back to Doonfoot. Great day as usual a wee bit breezy with one small rain shower and the fact that I took a tumble in the wet mud made it all the more amusing to the group as I walked along  in front as usual with an extremely muddy ers*. Thanks to you all I really enjoyed your company today.

PS In a previous blog I mispelt the word bridal which should have read bridle. My apologies but how the hell was I expected to know there were two different spelling for the same word. This misdemeanour has now been corrected.

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  1. Back when you were a mere boy there was a great film starring Bill Travers called the Bridal Path, if you did watch it as a boy then that's perhaps something that's stayed with you all these years.
    It took me nearly fifty years to correct a line from the song Stagger Lee.It wasn't 'Children' gambling in the dark, it was 'Two Men'.