Thursday, 5 January 2012

Culzean to Maidens. January 2012

Today Thursday January 5 I got the bus from Ayr to Culzean gates where I met the teacher. No photos today as I have blogged this area so much recently. After the very wet day yesterday it was just great to be able to get out . On a clear sunny cold windy morning we made our way through part of the estate which was officially closed due to the number of fallen trees and branches making it according to Health/Safety  a dangerous area to be in. Nothing stops us and apart from dodging some fallen branches we made it through with no problems at all. I suppose if a tree had toppled on top of us our claim against them would not have been valid.Once we reached Goats Green we made our way to the castle before going down to the swan pond where we had some wonderful  sightings of Golden Eye ducks in the sunshine. They fairly lived up to their reputation of ducking and diving. One minute there were 4 of them fairly close to us and then away they went into the deep to reappear some way off. On a bright sunny morning on the pond this made it all the more enjoyable best view I have had of them for a long time.Arriving in Maidens we had our lunch on one of the picnic benches looking out over Arran. The wind had abated by now so were able to do some bird watching as well. We went to look at the big new house being constructed around past the harbour. It is certainly different with a large fronted glass room over looking the Clyde. A fair description of it could be described as an architects dream but we both agreed it was not for us with its brown stone entrance against a white pebble dashed wall did nothing for the stone or the house. We would welcome other readers views on the house if you ever get to venture that way. It was then out with the bus passes as I went back to Ayr and the teacher made his way back to Girvan A very pleasant 5 mile walk at a very leisurly speed so we could admire the views and the local wildlife.
Golden Eye duck.

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