Saturday, 28 January 2012

Glenapp to Ballantrae. January 2012

Always like to take a photo of the ferry.

This is the very muddy road to Portandea.

The burns were in full flow today.

Currarie Port Bay with a distant Ailsa Craig.

Just as well the bridge was still here on the Shallochwreck Burn.

7 mile walk today.

A very muddy me!!
Yesterday Friday 27th January I caught the bus to Glaenapp via Girvan to meet up with teacher for a 7 mile walk along the Ayrshire Coastal Path to Ballantrae.When the bus dropped us off the rain was pouring down and it was thoroughly miserable but the forecast said it was to improve. We had planned to visit Portendea on the way but as we climbed up the path above Loch Ryan we decided to give it a miss as we were geting soaked we would just make our way to Ballantrae. Once on the top the rain eased and the sun tried to make an appearance but underfoot was pretty soft. If we made good time we thought we might catch an earlier bus home but after we passed through Currarie Port bay which takes you onto the cliff path the going deteriorated dramatically to pure muck and running water. We carried on but the chances of catching  the earlier bus were abandoned as our progress along this stretch was exceedingly slow. Going down a very steep muddy slope I slipped and down I went into the muck where I was heard to mutter the odd naughty word. Once clear of cliff path we stopped for a late lunch before making our way back to Glenapp Castle Hotel gates. When we arrived in Ballantrae I took off some of my dirty clothing as I thought the bus might refuse to take me in that state. Anyway we completed the walk but  both agreed this path is meant for summer outings and one to avoid in the winter.

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  1. I'm disappointed you didn't get down to Portandea so we could see what was going on. Never mind I'm sure we'll find out sometime.
    I reckon there's more mud about this year because we've not had so much frost. Apparently we're getting it in February.I've had a couple of slides onto my backside recently too.