Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Grey Hill /Byne Hill,Girvan. January 2012

We met this fine resplendent kilted gentleman enjoying a walk on our national bards birthday. (Robert Burns)

The teacher trying to stay upright in the gale force wind.

No this is not the teacher trying to "bore" me!!

Another bored walker.

A very grey looking Ailsa Craig.
Today Wednesday January 25th I went to Girvan on the bus to meet up yet again with the teacher . We decided to do a climb that would not take us too far from Girvan or the A77 as the forecast was for heavy rain so we  could make a quick exit back to town. The morning was very breezy but dry as we made our way up the Byne Hill (214M) onto Fell (264M) before reaching the summit of Grey Hill (297M)At this point it was difficult to stand up straight as the wind at this height was now gusting up at gale force levels we descended very quickly over Cairn Hill(249M) back to the lower slopes where we managed to get some shelter . We then proceeded back to Girvan as the rain came on as forecasted we finally arrived back at the harbour after a great 9 mile walk in some pretty atrocious conditions but as usual I found it great fun and very exilirating ,not so sure about my partner on this walk as he looked a wee bit knackered after battling the strong winds. Mind you he says he will have recovered by Friday as we plan to go out again this time to Glenapp for a wee walk on the Ayrshire Coastal Path. Hope the winds have dropped by then.

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  1. You must know these hills like the back of your hands now Gordon.Have a nice weekend, I'm grounded with a bad cold,chest and throat.