Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Barr Circular. February 2012

A lone teacher on the bridge over the Changue Burn.
Today Tuesday February 2012 the teacher and myself went on a wee adventure to Barr. I will deal with the walk first this was  one most of us local ramblers have done in the past. I did it last year with the Right Honourable Secretary of Ayr and District Ramblers so I did not bother today taking anymore photos worthy of publication. This was also a recce for Wigtown ramblers whom we are both involved with for a future walk later on this summer.Briefly we took the route through the fairy knowe to Kirstys Cairn returning by way of the devils footprint. It was a pleasant day very mild with low cloud but ideal for what we were doing. Now for the fun part of today which was our chosen method of transportation to the walk start. I got the service bus to Girvan then we went on the My Bus to Barr. This is the little orange bus you see on rural roads mainly transporting disabled and elderly passengers. I contacted their office yesterday and registered for this service I qualify as a bus pass holder. Once registered you tell them what time you would like to travel and they then try to fit you in to  their schedule. As the teacher was not a registered passenger the girl in the office put him down as my PERSONAL CARER. We were given times of 10.00AM at Girvan to Barr returning at 2.30PM. Both journeys were excellent and very punctual with us being the only two passengers on board. Highly recommend this service to all who are fortunate to be over 60 years of age. We are now going to fully explore all the possibilities of using this bus for future walks it must open up areas that are difficult to reach that are not covered in the Stagecoach bus empire. All in all a very successful day with our own wee private bus to take the two oldies on  a wee day oot!!!

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