Thursday, 1 March 2012

Maybole circular . March 2012

Just a short blog on a walk the teacher and I did today on the 1st day of March. We met at Maybole baths and then followed the route that Madam Vice of ADRC fame took us on last November so there are plenty of photos on that blog so felt it was not worth really repeating. The main purpose of today was as it was such a lovely spring like day we devoted our time to our feathered friends who were very tuneful today in the early sunshine. First of all  was a  flock of hooper swans flying overhead perhaps on their migratory route back to the Artic.Also spotted today were buzzard,coal tit,great tit, blue tit,robin,skylark,chaffinch and yellowhammer to mention a few of the better known ones.Great day out taken at a very leisurely pace to just admire the wonderful scenery and  listen to  the sounds of spring .

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