Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Christmas lunch for the Elite walking group. February 2012

Lunch table.
Today Tuesday 7th even though it was February the group got around to having their Christmas outing which may seem strange to some readers but it was so difficult to arrange in December so we postponed it to January which then turned out to be February .
 We had a 100% turnout ,well there is only 8 of us in the group and we all enjoy a good day out some more than others. As  usual no names will be mentioned but those present included the farmer,the chemist,the pilot,Kilmarnock rocket,the teacher,group colour co-ordinator and the wee wuman frae Dalrymple.We met at the Minishant Inn for lunch which was most enjoyable well it was for us, a couple of other diners nearby asked the waitress to move them away from us as they could not carry on a normal conversation without shouting at each other. We broke up in the mid afternoon and some of us adjourned to Weatherspoons in Ayr for a wee swallie or three. Great day out with lots of laughter about incidents that  had happened when we were  out walking over the last year. Looking forward to next year when it was agreed we will all go out again.


  1. No names, no pack drill eh !
    Since you've increased your walking have you increased your swallying ?
    Mr John Smith will be pleased if you have.

  2. oh what a good looking drop down menu you have