Sunday, 5 February 2012

ADRC Dalry circular in the lands of Blair Castle Estate. February 2012

Entering the Blair Estate

One of many equestrian homes.

Nice to know we are welcome.

The stables block.

Lunch in the castle grounds

Todays group

The leader!!

Today Sunday February 5th I was honoured to be the walk leader for ADRC to take them on a 7 mile grade "C" walk starting on the fringes of the Blair Estate in Dalry ,North Ayrshire. 24 walkers arrived at the start before we went up a track by the side of the Bombo Burn. Sounds wonderful but in actual fact is only a small tributary of the Garnock. It was a reasonably mild morning but most importantly it was dry as this can on some days be a very muddy walk. Morning coffee was taken at a trig point on the summit of a very small hill before descending to the Dusk Water . At the Blairmill I gave a brief history of the building when one of our walkers informed us she used to live there many years ago and the present owners have renovated and updated it quite extensively.A small flock of geese were spotted flying overhead so I pointed them out to the group that there was a gaggle of geese in the sky only to be told by our rambling brain of Ayrshire that the correct description was a skein of geese that they can only be described as a gaggle when they are on the ground.You learn something new every day when you walk with this group. We now did some road walking to avoid a few  very muddy fields and entered the castle grounds at the north gate . Once in the estate we past the castle before we had our lunch break in an equestrian field. At this point a little rain came on so we headed back to the cars to end a very pleasant walk on a winters day out in the country. My thanks to all who turned up today it makes all the recce work I had to do over the last week all worthwhile.

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  1. There's a lot of geese on the move just now.
    If geese gaggle, do ramblers wriggle ?