Thursday, 16 February 2012

Elite walking group to the Carrick Hills. February 2012

My two fellow walkers today.
Today Thursday February 16th I joined up with two other members of the Elite walking group to do an old favourite of mine, along the shore to Dunure returning over the Carrick Hills. Unfortunately the weather was not the best ,steady drizzle,  strong breeze and low cloud. Due to the conditions photography was not really possible hence the lack of photos today. We set off past the heads of Ayr to the Bracken Bay caravan site before walking the old railway line to Dunure where we turned up at the old Kibble school (I was not allowed  to give its history today) to Fisherton. Now we were heading for the mist as we climbed up from the village to Brown Carrick. We stopped in the forest for our lunch break where we got some  shelter from the wind. We now made our way now up to the trig point before making our way to the aerials on the summit. We were now in thick mist and  took a wrong turning and followed a fence down a field and eventually decided we were not too sure  as to our exact location. As we entered another field full of sheep we spotted some tractor tracks in the mud and decided to follow them and hopefully arrive at somewhere we all recognise. In actual fact we came out at a farm beside Fisherton Church. If you look the map we were not too far off our intended route but it brought home to me how dangerous the hills are when they are shrouded in thick dense mist. Anyway once again all is well but lessons can be learned from this experience. We now finished our day by making our way back over the heads of Ayr to finish our 11 mile walk back at Doonfoot. Super day out with a couple of wee problems to keep us on our toes.

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  1. That's the mist that got on my chest, be careful.