Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cunninghame ramblers . Maxwellston Hill ,Dailly. February 2012

Todays route is well way marked with posts.

Mrs Kilmarnock Rocket scaling a style.

As usual we get well spread out

I just liked this little stream.

The wind farm formed part of our route.

Making our way through the wind turbines.

Todays hardy group.

Hard roads made the going  a little easier for some .

The leader.
Today Saturday February 18th I made my way to the South Ayrshire village of Dailly to meet up yet again with Cunninghame ramblers for an 8 mile grade "B" walk up Maxwellston Hill.This is part of a walk I did recently with teacher when we walked from Dailly to Girvan.Today there were only 8 of us probably due to the stormy weather we experienced last night, today was still windy and cold but at least it was dry except for a couple of snow/hail showers. First we climbed onto Hadyard Hill before crossing over to Maxwellston From here we took  the track down to Penwhapple resevoir and the Hadyard Hill windfarm where we had our lunch break close to those monstrous turbines. Now we headed down the hill road to Barr to enter the forest and pick up the track past the Lidsayston Burn back to the start.Super walk considering the weather we made the best of the conditions and my thanks must go to the leader for allowing me to join the group today.

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  1. Hi Gordon, small group out in the Machars too.
    Only ten had a cold and muddy walk. I didn't walk.
    Apart from one heavy hail storm I think they had better weather than you.