Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cunninghame Ramblers mid week to Rowantree Hill Largs. March 2012

Leaving the start on a steep climb.

Coffee stop at the aerials on Cauld Rocks.(301M)

The Cumbraes and Arran come into view.

Looking down on the town of Largs.

A Mr&Mrs discussion "I could swear this is Irish Law"
The teacher seems like another nice boy!!

Todays group.

Our leader.
Today with Cunninghame ramblers we travelled to largs to climb Rowantree Hill (428M). A bakers dozen started out up the Gogo water until we reached our first summit at the aerials on Cauld Rocks(301M) where we had our first break. We now continued over some moorland and tussocks to Girtley Hill(385M) where the views of the Firth of Clyde started to clear enabling us to see  a distant Ailsa Craig in the South and North to the Arrochar Alps. Arran was also visible giving us enthusiasum for future mountain walks in the summer. Once we reached the summit of Rowantree Hill which was confirmed by the walkers who had their GPS's with them as there is no cairn or trig point to show where the exact location of the top is. We now returned to have a very jovial lunch on Girtley Hill with one or two ramblers took a bit of ribbing about a previous  walk to Irish Law which was clearly visible  today but apparently this was not the case the other day when a wrong turning was taken in the mist to add a wee bit to journey,as usual in true blog tradition names are being witheld.Once suitably refreshed and we had all stopped laughing we made our way down past the aerials to the cars to end a super 8 mile walk in clear cloudy calm conditions. Thanks to the leader and group for allowing me and the teacher to join you it was a great day out.

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  1. There's one constant in South West Scotland and that's 'Tussocks'.
    I wonder how the tourist trade would fare with the logo 'Tussocks R Us'
    Lovely walk