Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Elite walking group. Byne to Grey Hills ,Girvan. March 2012

A wee Shetland pony greeted us .

Looking down the coast towards Lendalfoot.

Looking north towards Girvan.

Todays small Elite group.
Today 4 members of the Elite walking group( the pilot, group colour co-ordinator, the teacher and myself) met at the coffee stall at the south end of Girvan to do a 10 mile walk over Byne Hill etc etc. A walk we have all done before but as always looking for new ways down to vary it. On checking out fellow bloggers I came across one from Alex and Bob's Blue Sky Scotland whose quality of pictures leave me wanting to upgrade my camera. Also my blog mentor from Newton Stewart did an excellent one when we were out  with my mother group. Today on a windy sunny morning we climbed up the Byne (214M)to Fell (230M) to Grey (297M) and finally Pinbain(224M) which stands towering over the village of Lendalfoot. Coming back to Grey Hill we had a lunch stop before making our way down over Cairn Hill which took us to the cottage which at present is being renovated at Drumfairn. From here we followed the road down back to the cars to end a super day out in the Ayrshire hills in near perfect weather conditions.


  1. You must know nearly every blade of grass up there now.
    Mind you, it's worth it every time for the views.
    See ya

  2. The First and only hill I,ve Ever ran up in a race aged around twelve.From Girvan then return. Fell over 3 times and was sick afterwards in the park due to heat exhaustion.Typical day really for a 12 year old. Happily I,ve Never entered another hill race and have never looked back.Moral of this...Its dangerous to move above walking pace...things start happening to your body.
    Cracking and much overlooked range of hills though.