Saturday, 17 March 2012

South Ayrshire Ramblers. Polskeoch Bothy and Allan's Cairn March 2012

Walkers gathering at the start.

Madam Vice explaining today's route.

Setting off along a good track.

Coffee at Polskeoch Bothy.

These girls preferred the sunshine for their break.

RHS looking at frog spawn

Lovely trek through the forest

One of the good steep climbs.

The group at Alan's Cairn.

Madam Vice was today's leader.
Today I joined up with South Ayrshire Ramblers on an 8 mile circular walk at the Water of Ken in Dunfries and Galloway. 20 walkers started off on a bright sunny spring morning on a track up the river to our first stop at  Polskeoch Bothy also known as Chalk Memorial Bothy but cannot find out why it has two names. We are now on the Southern Upland Way climbing steadily as we go until we turn off the road and head into a forest. Our leader informed us that last week when she did the recce for todays walk the paths in the forest were extremely difficult due to all the fallen trees from the winters storms. Undeterred she got in touch with Dunfries and Galloway ranger service who are responsible for the path and explained that it was blocked with fallen trees and she had organised a group to walk through that section. 10 out of 10 the authorities excelled themselves and by today all was clear with lots of evidence of the team work that had been done to ensure our safety.At Allan's Cairn our leader gave us a brief discription of its history dating back some 300 years to the covenanters of the area. Lunch was taken in the sunshine at High Countam before we climbed up Black and Coranbae Hills. From the summit we could see two of the four Andy Goldworthy's Striding Arches which ADRC are going to visit on their summer programme.From here it was a very steep descent back down to the Water of Ken and over the road bridge back to the cars. Tremendous walk in the sun with thanks to Madam Vice for all her efforts in reccing what was a very difficult walk until she got Dumfries and Galloways finest tree fellers to clear the way for us. Thanks to them and all their foresters for their excellent contribution to todays outing.

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely walk Gordon. We down here in the sticks had a good day too.
    By the way, the 'Weaver' wants to know when you are doing the Striding Arches so she can perhaps join you.