Friday, 6 April 2012

Recce for ADRC to Striding Arches . Moniaive . April 2012

1st arch on Benbrack (580M)

2nd arch on Colt Hill (598M)

3rd arch on Bail Hill (517M)

4th one comes out of this old cottage.

My fellow walkers.(Jackets were on special offer so they both bought one!)
Today Good Friday 6th April I was kindly invited to  join two of Ayr and District Ramblers finest to assist in a recce of Andy Goldsworthys striding arches which have been built on the top of various hills near to the village of Moniaive in Dumfries and Galloway.We started off on a cloudy drizzly day to find a way through a forest on our way up Benbrack. We found a farly difficult steep track up which may not be suited to a group of walkers as it was very slippy in places. An alternative route was discovered once we were on the top so in true recce tradition we had to investigate this new path which meant we had to go all the way down again to make sure it was safe for a group. Now we were back down at our starting level again so we had to make our way along and up a forestry road to get us back onto the track we will use for the ramblers. Once we were on Colt Hill we had a welcome lunch stop before the 4 mile treck over Mullwhaney Hill to our third arch on Bail Hill. Will not give too much detail here as it might spoil it a wee bit for those who are going to turn up on the day of the walk, least to say it was a wee bit challenging in places if you get my meaning. Passing down a fire break in the forest we reached the hard road and the two mile walk back to the car and our fourth arch which is built in an old cottage with the end coming out of the building. Super strenuous walk with my thanks to the RHS and the banker for inviting me to join you both today I thoroughly enjoyed it . The proposed walk is scheduled for Saturday 30th June.

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