Sunday, 29 April 2012

Recce for Wigtownshire Ramblers. Merrick and Craignaw circular April 2012

Snibe Hill.

Memorial to airmen killed in 1979


"Devils bowling green"

The Merrick (843M)

Bennan. (562M)
Yesterday Saturday April 28 I did a recce for Wigtownshire ramblers in the Galloway Hills . I was joined by the Right Honourable Secretary  from Ayr and District Ramblers along with the Kilmarnock Rocket (Kilmarnock and Loudoun) and the windae cleaner from Cunninghame Group.This is an "A" grade walk and before I describe it I just want to say to fellow members of my mother group please don't be put off by the difficulty and the climbing involved as on the day of the walk I can shorten it depending on the weather and also the capabilities of those that turn up on Saturday 2 June.
  On a clear windy morning we set off from Bruces Stone car park to follow the Gairland Burn up to Loch Valley where we picked up the track to the summit of Snibe Hill and then crossed over to Craignaw (645M) passing the memorial stone to the American airmen who were killed here in 1979 .Our next stop was on a granite slab known as the devils bowling green before we dropped down to Loch Enoch for a lunch break. At a rock known as the "Grey Man" we started the very steep climb to the summit of the Merrick (843M) which is the highest hill in South West Scotland. The views today were stunning as we had a northery air stream keeping all the mist and cloud away. Ireland,the Lake District ,the Isle of Man were clearly visible which made a wonderful change from the normal conditions we generally experience at this height. We now headed over the Knave of Spit to Benyellary (719M) and onto the summit of Bennan (562M) with its radio station serving Dumfries and Galloway.Next was a very steep descent over the Fell of Eschonsan (347M) back to the car park to end a 13 mile hard walk which as I mentioned earlier can be tailored to suit the conditions on the day of the walk. Many thanks to my fellow walkers today especially the RHS whose map skills were tested  to get us all safely round this stiff route in the Galloway Hills.

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  1. Great walk, looking forward to being healthy enough to join you in June.