Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Elite walkers to Afton Resevoir 5 peak circular. May 2012

Afton resevoir. (photo by A.N.Other.)

Dovcote at the entrance to the dam

A wonderful set of steps takes you up.

The resevoir today was cloudy and windy.

Guess who has a new toy!!

Summit of Blacklorg

Looking down to our starting point.

Alhang summit.

We came across this enterprising business but unfortunately it was closed. 

"I see you"
Today May 1st the elite walkers headed for Glen Afton to do a 5 peak walk on a cold windy morning. The teacher along with the Kilmarnock Rocket and our colour co-ordinator made us a wee group of four to do this 9 mile circuit starting at the resevoir. Our first hill was Cannock(594M) which was a good start to get our muscles working before we went up Blacklorg (681M) which was to be our highest today. A discussion  was had here as to what hills were visible, much to my surprise we could see two of Andy Goldsworthys striding arches one on Benbrack and the other on Colt Hill.Next hill was Altwhat (628M) and a welcome coffee stop as the pace being set by you know who had us all running trying to keep up. Our last one was Alhang (642M) overlooking Windy Standard with all  its   turbines going round in the strong winds. Making our way back down to the resevoir we found a sheltered spot to have our lunch. We then passed an old fruit and veg. van that has been left out in the wilds how on earth it got there is a mystery that will have to remain unsolved. Back to the cars we all agreed it had been a super windy walk in dry clear conditions. Tomorrows walk is to be a little bit longer details will appear on Thursday one day later than normal as I  am sure to be a little bit knackered tomorrow night. Watch this space!!

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  1. You got a better day than us, the mist was down to the reservoir and we couldn't climb.
    I saw this 5 peak walk on another website, and thought this could be a good walk.