Saturday, 14 July 2012

ADRC Awful Hand range of hills. July 2012

Preparing for walk.

Midges were out in force.

Morning coffee at Shalloch on Minnoch.

One of the many steep ascents.

A very distant Knockdolian

Lunch on Kirriereoch.

Now we had to climb up this lot!!

A small lizard enjoying the sunshine.

The Awful Hand group.

The two groups met on the Merrick.

The back marker.

Our walk leader.
Today Saturday July 14th the walk was described in the programme as an "A+" grade.We all knew before we started this was going to be a wee toughie.The title of the walk was The Awful Hand Range of hills as from a distance you can see the fingers of a hand if you use your imagination.16 of us met in a lay- by just past the Stinchar Bridge on a still cloudy morning which brought the dreaded midges out in force so we did not hang about and set off for Shalloch on Minnoch ( 768M) which was the first of today's 4 hills. A wee bit boggie underfoot it was not long before we were into our stride and after a good hour climbing we were all on the summit , shortly we were away again to Tarfessock (786M) there was not a lot of time for refreshments as we still had 3 more climbs to do . Next was an extremely steep one called Kirriereoch (786M) which was best climbed on your hands and knees or as it is sometimes described "mild scrambling". We were allowed a quick break here for some welcome refreshments before tackling the Little Spear which is a hard climb to the summit of the Merrick(843M) where we met up with 8 other members of Ayr and District Ramblers who under the leadership of Madam Vice had opted to an alternative walk up  on the tourist route.Once we all admired the wonderful views we made our way down over Benyellery back to the car park where our leader had arranged transport back to the start.
  An excellent 11 mile hard linear walk with a big thank you to our leader and his back marker for making all the arrangements, a most memorable day in the hills of South Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway.

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  1. That's a fit bunch of people up there in Ayr Gordon.
    Well done, you're one fit geezer these days.