Sunday, 2 September 2012

ADRC Lowther Hill horseshoe.September 2012

A distant Lowther Hill

We came down this hill

Just to go up this one!!

Making our way up.

Almost there.

This handy building made an excellent shelter from the wind.

Another view of the golf ball. (sorry madam vice)

Group on Green Lowther.

The twitcher was today's leader.
Today Sunday September 2nd eleven of us travelled to a place called Over Fingland which is  beyond Durisdeer on the A702. Most of us had climbed Lowther Hill (725M) before, but today our leader had worked out a new route which would take in the Southern Upland Way (SUW) over Laght Hill (507M)and Cold Moss (628M).Fairly soft boggy conditions tested some of the group as we started to climb on a warm sunny windy morning to take us to the summit and eventually to Green Lowther(732M) with all its strange aerials on the top. After a lunch stop we made our way down over Stowgill Dod (547M) where once again we experienced quite soft conditions with a few tussocks thrown in for good measure. Once back at the start we all agreed this 8 mile route was quite challenging with a vote of thanks  given to today's leader.

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  1. Looking at that posed group picture, I can't see an ounce of excess weight. Must be a group of professionals. !