Saturday, 1 September 2012

Carrick Hills circular . September 2012

The distiller

joined me today.
 The old trusty walk round the Carrick Hills came good yet again. The distiller and myself were looking for a walk today and as most of the groups did not have anything arranged we decided to do our own 13 mile route with a couple a small variations to kid ourselves on that this was a new route.Usual shore walk to the Bracken Bay and up towards the hills when we took a left to Dunduff Castle and then worked out a new way to the summit. After lunch on a sunny windy hill overlooking Ayr Bay we went down to the main road and over the top of the Heads of Ayr where we assume the Rotary Club who look after the Ayrshire Coastal Path have created a new way down off the hill to the shore at Craig Tara Holiday Park which makes this stretch a lot easier to navigate. Once safely down it was a very pleasant shore walk back to the Greenan Castle  car park to end another great day out in the Carrick Hills.

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  1. Nice one Gordon. I might be doing the Ayr gorge sometime this coming week with the Cumnock lassie