Sunday, 14 October 2012

ADRC Carrick Hills circular October 2012

Starting off on "The Auld Brig of Ayr"

Ploughing our way through the muck.

Looking back at the bonnie town of Ayr.

Lots of fun at the many fences.

A young lady showing off her acrobatic skills.

We now join the Carrick Way path.

Looking out to Ailsa Craig and Culzean Castle.

Today's group

and again at the top of Brown Carrick.

Our leader.
Today Sunday October 14th I went out on a 13 mile circular walk of the Carrick Hills described as an"A" grade in the programme. Well I thought there are no "A" grade walks in this area as it is one place  I have walked a lot on as most bloggers will know. Well I take it all back, our leader today had worked out a new route that even I have to admit to was an "A" grade of the highest quality as it took in bogs ,tussocks,bracken,gorse and pure old fashioned muck. I will not go into too much detail of the route as I have blogged most of it all before least to say I had not done it using the route we went today. 11 of us had an excellent day out in the mud, sorry I meant warm autumn sunshine with many thanks to the leader for proving me wrong that is possible to do a full "A" walk in them thar hills!!

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  1. If you say it's an A grade Gordon, then it must be an A grade.
    Be grateful for the mud, we'd be a sorry lot without it !