Sunday, 14 October 2012

Wigtownshire ramblers. Mull of Galloway trail. October 2012

West Freugh MOD golf ball aerials.

Lots of information boards are posted on the trail.

Very highly recommended by Anne.

The midget gem man.

The newly installed styles.

And also kissing gates

Lunch in the sunshine (apologies to the lady bending down)

See me I can walk on water!!

Another information board.

And in todays arch we have??

Then we all got in.

This poor lady had a wee fall. (see the plaster on the chin)

Afternoon tea in Stranraer.

Was it not the Alexander Brothers who sang

"I'm  nobodys child"

Our happy group.

Our lovely leader.
Yesterday Saturday October 13th I travelled by bus to Stranraer to join my mother group on a 10 mile walk on the newly opened Mull of Galloway trail. As I am a wee bit late in blogging the walk due to being late home last night and out early this morning I am going to cheat a wee bit and refer all bloggers to my pal's site the infamous Newton Stewart Blogger who has given an excellent account of the day coupled with our leaders press report. Thank you all for tolerating me yet again I had a great day.

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