Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cunninghame ramblers. Darvel to Loudounhill circular. November 2012

One of many stiles on the route.

Along the old railway line.

Many of the old bridges still remain.

Also some fine examples of cuts as they are known.

She did finally get over!

Oops this part was not an easy descent.

One of the Loudounhill rock faces.

The Kilmarnock Rocket enjoying his own company.

Appeared on a bridge abutment.(sshh it's a secret!)

At the summit of Loudounhill.

Today's leader.
Today Saturday November 24th I travelled by bus to Darvel to meet Cunninghame Ramblers for a 9 mile circular to Loudounhill .On a clear frosty sunny morning 14 of us left the town to go along the Darvel to Strathaven railway line for 3 miles before arriving at the base of Loudounhill where we had a coffee stop before tackling the slippy steep ascent. Some minor scrambling was involved here before we all made it safely onto the summit with it's fine views down the valley to Irvine and beyond. The descent was equally challenging due to the wet leaves lying on the paths so several falls and slips were enyoyed by the group. After our lunch stop we returned to Darvel via the hill tracks on the south side of the main road where  everyone enjoyed the fine views of the surrounding countryside bathed in the winter sunshine. Thanks to our 80 year old leader today, he did an admirable job telling us all lots of little stories  when he was a serving police officer in the area catching amongst others the many poachers that used to lead him a merry dance round the hills.

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  1. That's the walk that me and the Cumnock rambler have pencilled in. Thanks for the recce bud