Sunday, 30 December 2012

Another milestone on the road to recovery. December 2012

Above is a very ameteurish attempt at copying a local street map onto the blog. What I achieved today on my crutches was to walk (hobble) down Earls Way to the roundabout along Abbots Way and into Knoweholm . At the end of this road is a lane back into Earls Way and up the hill to the house,a distance of over half a mile the furthest I have walked in 5 weeks. Tomorrow maybe a little further but at least I now know what I can do. Thanks again for all the calls Anne and I have received over the last few weeks it is a great comfort  to know how many of you are thinking about us.


  1. Good to see you getting about Gordon, we're recceing Knockdolian on Wednesday or Thursday, is that a bit too soon !

    Have as Happy a New Year as you can with that Moon Boot

    1. I would love to join you but by the time I climb Knockdolian it would be 2014!!