Sunday, 9 December 2012

Progress after accident. December 2012

On crutches at Ayr shore.

The "zimmer frame"

A moonboot

instead of a plaster cast.
Big day today another step on the slow road to recovery. Anne took her car to the Ayr shore car park on a very windy sunny day so we could both get out of the house to have a breath of fresh air. I managed a few steps with the zimmer and then  the crutches but it was fairly difficult in the very strong wind. Next outing will be Tuesday 11th to get the stitches out at the hospital when I hope to get some form of programme to help me on my way back to fitness. Anyway slow progress has been made and another update will appear shortly.

1 comment:

  1. You've had a foot transplant or a bloody good pedicure Gordon, that looks nothing like the foot I saw when i last watched you take your boots off.
    If you're getting lots of mollycoddling I'd begin to wonder if it was an accident.
    I'm out with The Teacher and The Ranger up at Maybole tomorrow.