Sunday, 16 December 2012

Update on progress. December 2012

Back out on the prom.

Look no hands!

Not the most comfortable seat I have ever sat on.

This is the start of the "Lang Scots Mile"
Still not had a haircut.
Today Sunday December 16th Anne once again took me in her little car to the Ayr promenade on a calm sunny day. I am practicing walking short distances only using crutches and putting about 50% of my weight on my damaged leg,which is an improvement since last week when it was only 20%. The stitches were removed last Tuesday and after a further x ray the docor said all was well and knitting together nicely. I do not go back until early January so I will have to wear the moon boot for another few weeks which of course takes in the festive period when unfortunately I will not be able to help with the cooking and washing up after our family gathering on Saturday.
  May I take this opportunity yet again to thank each and everyone of you who have completely bowled me over (boom boom) with your cards,calls amd e mails inquiring after my wellbeing, it is extremely kind of you , it is also amazing how many people I actually know.Also my thanks to Anne who has been wonderful over the last three weeks looking after me I really do appreciate the hard work and kindness she has shown me in these difficult times, just as well I am a model patient!
  Finally today when I was on hobbling along the prom I met a fellow lady walker who goes out mainly with the local Thursday group,  generally do a nice gentle "C" walk finishing up with a wee cup of tea in some convenient cafe.When I said perhaps I could build myself up to be able to manage this type of walk she found this very amusing as not many walkers have to "build themseves up" to be able to walk with this group.Watch this space!

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  1. A beard would have gone well with the hair at this time of year. Great to see you on your feet.