Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Good news on the rehabilitation.February 2013

Great news yesterday when I visited Ayr Hospital for a check up,the x rays showed everything is knitting together nicely and I have permission to increase my level of walking ,cycling and swimming. I have not ridden my bike since November and as for swimming all I will say it was a long time ago since I last swam in the local baths. Also yesterday the teacher came to Ayr and we had a two mile walk up round Greenan Castle in the glorious sunshine looking out over a flat calm Firth of Clyde. On Monday I did nearly 4 miles on the Ayr prom which is all hard surfaces,main problem at present is keeping my balance on uneven ground. The doctor has given me exercises to improve my balance involving rolling a small ball on the floor with the sole of my injured foot.Not be long now hopefully when I will be able to join a "C" walk. Watch this space.

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