Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wigtownshire ramblers in Newton Stewart.9th February 2013

River Cree at Newton Stewart.
Yesterday Saturday February 9th I took the bus to Girvan and then onto Newton Stewart to meet up with my mother group who were doing a local walk at Knockman Woods. Originally I was going to walk to Minigaff to see if I could meet them there but once I arrived in Newton Stewart it was a wee bit dreich so I decided to have my packed lunch down at the riverside which last year seriously flooded captured so well on a u tube video produced by my good friend "the Newton Stewart Blogger" .Once refreshed I went to the Galloway Arms Hotel where the group were going to meet for an afternoon cuppa when low and behold when I arrived they were already there and gave me an enornmous cheer when I entered the room as most of them have not seen me for nearly 3 months ,I was very moved by the rapturous reception and for that I thank you all. Once I had caught up with all the gossip a very kind offer by one of the ramblers was extended to me for  a lift in her car back to Ayr which was graciously accepted . Great to see everyone  and assure you all it will not be long now before you have me out with you  again in some of the lovely hills in Galloway.

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  1. Thanks for the plugs Gordon, it was great to see you. The 'Teacher' tells me you're up to three miles now, excellent progress. I believe you'll be making an appearance at Haggis Hill in the last walk of this programme. All the best for a speedy recovery.