Sunday, 10 March 2013

ADRC marathon Ayr to Girvan. March 2013

13 "purists"set off at 7.30AM (apologies to the "Duke" he is the cut off on the left)

First town on the route.

Donning the waterproofs at the Maidens.

Girvan's crocuses are just about to come into full bloom.

The pilot and the Girvan Lass enjoy a pint at the end.
Yesterday Saturday March 9th I was supposed to lead ADRC on their annual marathon walk to Girvan but as you all know by now due to my injury I was unable to fulfill my duties so Mr Chairman and Madam Vice kindly agreed to assume my role.I met the group of 13 at Greenan Castle car park where they were start their 26 mile marathon where I explained that they were extremely honoured to be described as "purists" as only the walkers who complete the course can have that accolade attached to their names.On a cold cloudy morning the group made their way along the shore whilst I went home for breakfast before getting  the bus to Dunure to meet the group coming down off Brown Carrick hill which was included in the walk this year to increase the mileage to marathon status.Madam Vice had joined the group by this stage as due to her cold had decided to have a later start and join the walkers at the summit of the hill(NOT A PURIST)).Once in the village the Girvan Lass also joined in the fun (AGAIN NOT A PURIST) making a grand total of 15 walkers heading out to the next port of call which was  Culzean Castle whilst I went back on a bus to Ayr to connect with one to the Maidens where I would meet the group again.They were making excellent time when I met them leaving the castle's estate to walk along the village prom before heading off to Turnberry home of the world famous golf course. I then caught another bus to Girvan where I went to Roxy Bar to watch the Scotland /Wales six nations rugby match which unfortunately Scotland lost . When I was in the bar I met the group's newly appointed Right Honourable Treasurer accompanied by his guid lady enjoying the beer and the game when he spotted me and started to offer up excuses why he was not out in the rain with the group enjoying the delights of the Turnberry shore. Just be honest sir you were never going on the walk but your secret is safe with me!The group finally made the Harbour Bar at about 4.30PM which was a very commendable time,  some of the credit must go to the Kilmarnock Rocket who lived up to his reputation and led from the front at a very past pace encouraging the others to keep going on what turned out to be a dreich afternoon in the drizzly rain. Once everyone was in the bar a small refreshment was enjoyed by all and a vote of thanks to the leaders. My own appreciation was also expressed to Mr Chairman and Madam Vice for stepping into my shoes and putting in a lot of hard work reccing the route so that the group could have a safe and enjoyable day out. Next year I have had a suggestion that we do our marathon in  September from Girvan to Ayr which could make transport arrangements easier to organise. I will look into this idea and report back to the committee.


  1. All that travelling and pub crawling must have tired you out Gordon, I hope you had a nice lie down afterwards.

    1. Aye it was a wee bit tiring not used to all that beer in one day.HA HA