Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Maybole 8 mile circular. April 2013

Looking out to Maybole

Aye there is still life in the old boy yet.
Today Tuesday April 16th the teacher and I went round our normal 8 mile walk from Maybole. This was mainly for my benefit as this was the first time I have ventured  on some uneven surfaces which up till now have caused me the most problems. Thanks to the teacher he helped me over some tricky soft ground and also a couple of small streams which on a good day you just jump over and think nothing of it but today I was still building up my strength and also my confidence. Super walk on a sunny blustery day but at least it was a lot milder than it has been of late.

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  1. Looking forward to doing this 'Howling Dogs and Murder' walk with you in July Gordon. By the looks of it you'll be back up to full strength by then.