Sunday, 16 June 2013

ADRC Prestwick to Troon circular. June 2013

The "hardy group".
Yesterday Saturday June 15th 6 of us set off from Prestwick shore on a drizzly wet windy morning to walk to Troon on the shore and as I was the walk leader I had no option but to go.Once we were under way the rain abaited with the wind  blowing on our backs ,waterproofs soon dried out to make the going so much more pleasant, when out of the sky on it's approach to Prestwick Airport we had a wonderful view of The new Dreamliner practicing circuits and bumps.Once in Troon we walked along the top of the ballast bank and returned by the yachting marina with all it's large boats.The group decided as it was still dry to make our way back to the start and have our lunch at the finish . Passing through Royal Troon Golf Course there were not many golfers out due to the strong winds blowing in off the Clyde. Once we were on the Ayrshire Cycle Path the rain was approaching and to be honest for the last two miles it poured down resulting in us all getting a wee bit drookit . Lunch stop was cancelled as we all decided to make our way home straight away to get changed into some dry clothes.It was good to get out and do a 9 mile walk in conditions which were not ideal,thanks to my fellow walkers for joining me and lets hope for better weather for the club's barbeque on Saturday June 29th at Ballantrae,please contact either myself or Madam Vice for tickets and arrangements.

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  1. Looks like we had a luckier day with the weather than you Gordon.It's always good to have a hardcore of walkers though. Shorty holds the minimum record of five walkers at our end. See you Saturday.