Sunday, 7 July 2013

ADRC Loch Doon circular . July 2013.

Leaders briefing

Climbing Craigmawhannal. (357M)

Friphorum Augustifolium (bog cotton)

Digitaus Purpurea (foxglove)

Coffee break

"what's wrong with my legs?"

Large gorse bush growing in the middle of the forest.

10 seconds ago she was asleep.

Our leader helped to build this bridge.

Able to withstand the weight of today's group.
Today Sunday July 7th on a lovely warm clear sunny morning 16 of us left from the forest drive car park at the southerly end of Loch Doon to climb Craigmawhannel (357M). Our leader, in an earlier life worked with the forestry commission so he had a lot of knowledge of the area and even assisted with the building of a walkers bridge over a small river.This was a short 6 mile walk as it was fairly warm and most of the group also wanted to be home sharp to watch Andy Murray play tennis in the final at Wimbeldon. (HE WON!!) Once we were on the summit lots of the surrounding hills came into view which had us all guessing the various names. A pleasant lunch stop beside a stream was enjoyed by all with a short forest walk back to the cars to end this day out in a lovely part of South Ayrshire. Many thanks to the leader who had lots of wee stories to tell about life as forester in this area.



  1. Do you know the species Latin names off by heart, or are you a cheat like me and look them up ?
    Nice looking walk Gordon, I've fancied trying Mullwharchar from there.

  2. As my grandson says "just google it they know all the answers!!"Mullwhacher would be an excellent walk but would need to be done as a linear.

  3. Hi Gordon,

    Ken Stephen and myself are planning a recce later this week with the intention of finding a circular route to Mullwhacher. It will be a long walk at around 13 miles

    Martin Walker