Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cunninghame ramblers. Mid week walk at Straiton. July 2013

We filled the small car park

Preparing for the "off"

Some of the fine houses in the village.

The falls were nearly dry today.

One of many  wood carvings in the forest.

Coffee in a farmer's field.

Scaling the fences.

Today's large group.

The leader.
Yesterday Wednesday I took the bus to Straiton to meet the Cunninghame Ramblers who were doing a couple of the low level walks around the village.24 of us met in the local car park on a very warm sunny morning and after donning loads of suncream we made our way on the first walk which is known locally as "Lady Hunter -Blair ". It follows a well laid out path to some water falls on the Lambdbughty Burn (don't ask me to pronounce the name) which today due to the recent dry spell were not really flowing to ant effect. Re -tracing our steps we then crossed the River Girvan for a pleasant meander through some forest until we came to a bridge which we made our lunch stop. One of the group even went for a wee paddle in the water to cool his feet down, others were more sensible! Arriving back at the cars having completed 7 miles in perfect conditions we all agreed it was the ideal walk to compliment the weather. Thanks again to the leader and the group for a splendid day out.

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  1. It's the height of the fashion season while the summer lasts. I love it !