Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cunninghame Ramblers. Baidland Hill dalry circular. September 2013

A bit of a damp start

We had some nosey cows on our way up the hill

He always talks to horses

Striding up the country lanes

onto the wind farm track.

Coming up through the mist

Is it getting a wee bit clearer in the distance?

Lunch by the roadside

Today's group

and our leader.
Today Tuesday September 24th Cunninghame Ramblers met at Dalry for a 7 mile circular walk up Baidland Hill (334M) It was a damp muggy morning as we set off along local paths that eventually took us to a windfarm road to the summit of the hill. The views on a good day are normally stunning looking out over the Clyde to Arran. Today low cloud and wee bit drizzle prevented us from seeing more than a couple of hundred yards but it takes a lot more than weather to dampen the spirits of this group. Good day was had by all with a big thanks to the leader for showing a few of us some new tracks around Dalry.


  1. Looks like you walk in a lot of beautiful places

  2. Aww lovely photos! The big chestnut horse is mine, she loves to say hello! :-)