Sunday, 22 September 2013

ADRC. Afton Water to Al Hang circular. September 2013

Misty tea break

All safely back down

thanks to our leader.(Kilmarnock rocket)
Today's walk was an 8 mile circular walk starting at Afton Water reservoir near to New Cumnock.12 of us met in the car park on a cloudy breezy morning to start our first climb up Cannock (594M) ,we were only half way up when we entered the mist and that set the tone for the rest of the walk all the tops were completely shrouded in gloom. Undeterred we made it up all the rest of the hills on this circuit namely Blacklorg Hill(598M)Meikledodd, Al What (628M) and Al Hang (642M). Thanks to our leader who had the unenviable task navigating in these conditions and never once did he get us lost and when he said round this forest is the reservoir he was right again. Well done sir.

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