Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cunninghame Ramblers. Glen Sannox and "The Chimney" Isle of Arran. September 2013

Today's transport.

Discussing the route.

The start of the "Chimney"

Slow progress was made.

Looking down through Glen Sannox.

Glen Rosa to a distant saddle.

A heron waits to catch his supper.

Today's group on the saddle.

Our leader.
Yesterday Wednesday September 11th 18 of Cunninghame groups finest walkers headed to the Island of Arran where they had organised two different walks ,one was round Brodick and the other was through Sannox and up a rock face known locally as the chimney. 16  of us opted for the more serious walk and after taking the bus to the start we made our way through a misty Glen Sannox much to the delight of the local midgies who were lying in wait for us.If you stopped at all they descended on you in their hundreds but if you kept on the move they were not too bad. Once we arrived at the base of the chimney the leader ordered a break before we started climbing. The first part is not too bad then it develops into scree before the  part of the climb that gave it it's name.Two of our group experienced some difficulties here but at this point it is as hard to descend as it is to ascend,so after a lot of coaxing ,some bad language everyone finally made it to the summit which takes you onto a plateau known as the saddle. After a well earned lunch break we started off to make our way down through Glen Rosa under the watchful eye of a stag who was guarding his females ready for next month's rutting season. We all finally met up in one of Brodick's fine watering holes for a couple of pints of beer before catching the ferry back home. I am sure there will be one or two tired muscles today after what was a strenuous 10 mile hike, thanks to our leader who was walk leading for the first time in his rambling career you were superb with all your words of encouragement on the difficult parts of the climb.

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  1. I've still got to hear a story of the Chimney from our Port William rambler. Should find out tomorrow.