Thursday, 19 September 2013

Titanic exhibition. Belfast. September 2013

Titanic Exhibition

Could someone help him with one across.

Leaving Cairnryan behind

passing Corsewall Lighthouse

At the door of the Ulster concert hall.

They even have a sheep on the drivers door.

And a moonlight sail home.
Yesterday Wednesday September 18th I left Ayr at 5.40AM and drove to Girvan where I collected the teacher en route to the Irish ferry port at Cairnryan.Leaving on the 7.30AM ferry it was a wet start with a forecast of sun and showers. The crossing was fairly smooth with some wonderful views of Northern Ireland as we approached Belfast Lough..We took a taxi to the Titanic Exhibition which is housed in the most futuristic hall I have ever seen. The presentation of the exhibition was to say the least spectacular with video and visual displays played out in several different halls within the complex.Without going into great detail if you are ever have an opportunity to visit Northern Ireland make  time to visit this part of Belfast. In the afternoon we made our way to the city centre and found the famous Crown Bar which is still lit with old fashioned gas lamps today. Later we found Weatherspoons for more beer and someting to eat before we caught a bus back to the fery for our 7.30PM sail back home. Wonderful long day but well worthwhile making the effort to visit what must become one of Ireland's top tourist attractions.

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  1. £100 + million well spent when you think about the billions they'll be spending on that new HS2 railway line.
    Looks like you had a great day, it's a couple of years since I had a day trip to Belfast, must remedy that soon.