Saturday, 11 January 2014

ADRC Dailly walks. January 2014

Catching up on the New Year gossip

Troops are on the move!

1st break in the woods.

2nd break in sunny woods.

Jock Tamsons bairns used as a route marker

Some of the paths were steep and slippy

Did not manage to catch anybody slipping

There is always one who tries a different route

Todays very large group

Our leader
Today Saturday January 11th on a clear cold morning 43 ramblers from ADRC met at Dailly for an 8 mile walk made up of three of the villages published short walks. We believe this may be a record number for a ramble with this group as most of the ladies are now on their annual diet for the next few days and the men just wanted an outing.Leaving the village we followed the trail into Lindsayston woods with its little slippy bridges across the water before emerging onto the Barr Road where we  made our way back to the village. Next a 1 mile road walk took us  up to Kilgrammie woods where the leader showed us some old mining cottages complete with a disused school. This part of the walk was extremely muddy and great care had to taken. After a lunch stop the group made their way through the woods onto the Quarry walk which was the final one before arriving back in the village where several of the group made their way to the local coffee shop for some well earned refreshment. Our leader today was the Girvan Lass who had put a lot of work into reccing the area to try and find some good dry paths for us all to walk on but unfortunately due the volume of rain we have had recently this was not possible but the group awarded her 10 out of 10 for effort. Another great day out.

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