Friday, 28 February 2014

Day trip to Edinburgh. February 2014

The trams are coming

After several years they have arrived!!
On Wednesday it was a miserable rainy day so armed with the bus pass I set off for a jolly to Edinburgh.On arriving late morning it was a far better day in the east, dry and sunny as I went to my first port of call ,yes you have guessed it already "Wetherspoons" for a pint. Walking along the famous Princes Street I managed to see one of the infamous new trams being tested a sight many an Edinburghian thought they would never see.I had lunch in a restaurant called Bar Soba that had been recommended to me by a gourmet food critic for one of our national papers,it is a mixture of Far Eastern cuisines beautifully presented complete with chopsticks. Afterwards I had a wander round some of the quieter back streets full of quaint little unusual shops not normally found on the High Street. Bus back to Ayr in the late afternoon and then it got a wee bit daft ,I got involved with friends in Wetherspoons and then off to the local hotel to meet the "Wednesday night boys" getting home at 11.30 PM, maybe I will grow up one day and learn that my body can only take so much food and booze .

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  1. Auld Reekie has always welcomed artists as long as I can remember. There'll have been plenty of room for another one such as yourself Gordon.
    Back in my Edinburgh days I used to come out of several bars, but very rarely out of a 'Bar Soba', I was usually one of the below.
    I guess my favourite would have been 'Stocious'

    Badgered, Banjaxed, Battered, Befuggered, Bernard Langered, Bladdered, Blasted, Blathered, Bleezin, Blitzed, Blootered, Blottoed, Bluttered, Boogaloo, Brahms & Liszt, Buckled, Burlin

    Cabbaged, Chevy Chased, Clobbered

    Decimated, Dot Cottoned, Druck-steaming, Drunk as a Lord, Drunk as a skunk


    Fecked, Fleemered (Germany), Four to the floor

    Gatted, Goosed, Got my beer goggles on, Guttered (Inverness)

    Had a couple of shickers, Hammer-blowed, Hammered, Hanging, Having the whirlygigs, Howling

    Inebriated, Intoxicated

    Jahalered, Jaiked up (West of Scotland), Jan'd - abbrev for Jan Hammered, Jaxied, Jeremied, Jolly


    Lagged up, Lamped, Langered (Ireland) [also langers, langerated], Laroped, or alt. larrupt, Lashed, Leathered, Legless, Liquored up (South Carolina), Locked, Locked out of your mind (Ireland), Loo la

    Mad wey it, Mandoo-ed, Mangled, Manky, Mashed, Meff'd, Merl Haggard, Merry, Minced, Ming-ho, Minging, Moired, Monged, Monkey-full, Mottled, Mullered

    Newcastled, Nicely irrigated with horizontal lubricant

    Off me pickle, Off me trolley, On a campaign, Out of it, Out yer tree

    Paggered, Palintoshed, Paraletic, Peelywally, Peevied, Pickled, Pie-eyed, Pished, Plastered, Poleaxed, Pollatic

    Rat-legged (Stockport), Ratted, Ravaged, Razzled, Reek-ho, Rendered, Rosy glow, Rubbered, Ruined

    Saying hello to Mr Armitage, Scattered, Schindlers, Screwed, Scuttered (Dublin), Shedded [as in " My shed has collapsed taking most of the fence with it"], Slaughtered, Sloshed, Smashed, Snatered (Ireland), Snobbled (Wales), Sozzled, Spangled, Spannered, Spiffed, Spongelled, Squiffy, Steamin, Steampigged, Stocious, Stonkin

    Tanked, Tashered, Tipsy, Trashed, Trollied, Troubled, Trousered, Twisted

    Warped, Wasted, Wellied, With the fairies, Wrecked