Sunday, 9 March 2014

ADRC Johnstone to Glengarnock old railway tracks. March 2014

Some of the walkers arrived by train

A Victorian bandstand still stands in the town square

Our starting point on the cycle track

There were many signs with local information

We passed many fine bridges

Nobody tried to ride it!!

A folly on the hill.

Lunch was taken at Castle Semple loch.

Old railway lines make wonderful ways to explore the countryside.

Barr castle. (It said it on the information board)

The aquaduct has sprung a leak.
Todays group

Why are smokers ashamed to be photographed!!!

Our chairman was our leader (without fag)
Yesterday Saturday March 9th ADRC ventured to Johnstone in Renfrewshire for an 11 mile walk along the old railway track that has been utilised as a cycle and walking path running from Paisley all the way to Ardrossan on the Clyde coast. It was a dry windy day as16 of us  set off through the town to join the track beside one of the old mills that once stood proudly but sadly today it is a wee bit neglected. Once on the path we met many walkers and cyclists (some without a bell) enjoying the benefits of these once fine old railway lines that work there way through the countryside. Many old bridges were admired for their construction as we made our way to Lochwinnoch which was our lunch stop today. The rain stayed away as we made our way on the final leg of our journey to Kilbirnie and finally Glengarnock which was once home to a very fine steelworks employing many of the local workforce including myself as a sub contractor on the concrete supply company. Some of the group had their cars parked at the station but the more eco friendly members of the group (ie ME) caught the train that just happend to arrive as we got to the platform. I was back in Wetherspoons in Ayr long before any of the others made it back to the town. Many thanks to all who took part in the walk, the forecast was not good but today proved they are not always right. Apart from the odd smoke signal I did not get a chance to say much to our leader as he nominated me as back marker, perhaps he wanted to keep us apart to stop me moaning about polluting the atmosphere. Well done sir, enjoyed my day.

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