Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cunninghame ramblers. Ness Glen,Dalmellington. July 2014

Leaders briefing about our route

First break for a cuppa.

Making our way through the estate.

entering Ness Glen

The water was not in full spate today

The sun now made an appearance.
In the distance on top of the lone tree is the Ospreys nest

We met these two lovely horses enjoying their walk.

A fine figure of a man in his summer outfit!!
Outside the roundhouse tearoom

Our group at the one of the many bridges that cross the river Doon

Our leader today has a new nickname "traffic commisioner"
The Osprey.
 On Wednesday July 16 Cunninghame ramblers met at the community centre in Dalmellington to do a 6 mile walk through Ness Glen.16 of us set off in light drizzle which our leader informed us was a wee bit better conditions from his normal weather of pouring rain. The first part of our route was up a track with a steady climb to the entrance to Ness Glen. After a short break the drizzle went off and we entered a sunlit glen with its wonderful atmospheric noises as the river rushed by. The path was a wee bit slippy in places with the leader going on first to check the best way through so if anyone was going to fall in the water it would him, what a brave fellow he is.All safely through we arrived at Loch Doon where a pair of Ospreys have made their nest on a tree high up on the hillside carefully constructed by the forestry commission to try and attract such a rare specie of raptor.The proprietor of the roundhouse tearoom has a telescope carefully positioned to allow visitors a wonderful view of the birds who were feeding their two chicks as we all watched from a safe distance.Lunch was taken in the estate accompanied by hundreds if not thousands of the dreaded Scottish midgie who were really enjoying annoying the ramblers as they swarmed about in the warm humid conditions . After a short break we were on our way again to try and find a breeze to chase the little blighters away. Pleasant afternoon stroll along the estate roads brought us back to our cars to end another great walk with this group. Thanks to the leader for another memorable day in the company of this fine group.

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