Saturday, 19 July 2014

Cunninghame ramblers. West Kilbride to Fairlie via the Crosbie Hills. July 2014

It is the scarecrow festival in West Kilbride

A wee bit too much to drink perhaps?

Making our way up Glentane Hill (272M)

Conditions were a wee bit murky.

Time for a break

Mv Hubert Fedry docked at iron ore terminal

Fairlie castle (Still in good nick J.D.)

Todays fine group

with the leader.
Today Saturday July 19 Cunninghame ramblers met at West Kilbride (where it is the scarecrow week festival) railway station to walk the 6 miles to Fairlie over the Crosbie Hills. A bakers dozen were soon heading out of the village on a cloudy rather gloomy day with the promise of rain and also thunder later. With this in mind the leader had allowed for this poor forecast and she had decided we would do a gentle climb up Glentane Hill and miss out Crosbie hill which was completely shrouded in the low lying cloud. Once we were on the summit it was quite difficult in the conditions to identify the various land marks one associates with this area. Lunch was taken on Diamond hill before we ascended into Fairlie Glen to arrive at the railway station just as light rain started to come down. There is something quite satisfying to be sitting on a nice dry warm train as the rain starts and you have completed your walk in totally dry conditions. Thanks to our leader, we were all home in time to see the end of play at the golf Open. Another enjoyable day out in North Ayrshire.

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  1. Don't know how I've missed seeing this post Gordon, I think I must be losing it. I agree, that castle's in Fairlie good nick.
    Have a great weekend.