Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cunninghame ramblers . Recce for Hadyard Hill walk by Dailly. August 2014

The deerstalker with teacher on Hadyard Hill.
Today Thursday August 7 I met the deerstalker and teacher to carry out a recce for my forthcoming walk at Dailly in South Ayrshire for Cunninghame ramblers next Wednesday. As usual as it is only a recce a full post will appear after the walk, however on a clear warm sunny morning the three of us made our way up Hadyard Hill and for those of you that know the area a lot improvements have been made to the path particularly the cutting down and removal of some very prickly gorse bushes. Once on the summit the views out over the Clyde were to say the least stunning before we dropped downhill onto  windfarm roads that took us through all the large turbines before making our way back to Dailly.Approximately 9 mile walk with quite a steep climb at the start to take us up the hill onto the ridge high above the village, definitely in the grade "B" category.

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  1. And there's more to go up Gordon.
    "The main elements of the proposed Hadyard Hill Extension wind farm would be as follows, up to 51 wind turbines, with a blade tip height of up to 126.5 m" They wont be happy until there's one for each of the 5,327,700 people that live here.
    Glad you had a nice day.