Sunday, 3 August 2014

Rain stopped play blog. August 2014

No walk this weekend as I was down to go out with Cunninghame ramblers to Dalmellington but  were told on Friday evening that this had to be cancelled as the proposed route took us fairly close to the Ospreys nest at Loch Doon ,this area is now out of bounds to all walkers until the two chicks fledge. Alternatively our leader was organising a local walk on Saturday morning around Irvine however when I arrived at the start the rain began to fall only lightly but did not show any sign of letting up. After some thought as to what I should do and went through all the different options guess what J.D.Wetherspoons won and I went for a full monty breakfast at the new pub called the Auld Brig.Very good and even managed to do a recce with the manager for future events involving Cunninghame ramblers so the day was not a complete waste!!.


  1. Thank the lord for J.D.Weatherspoons. Here's today's share prices.

    Current Price 713.00
    Change -2.00
    Percentage Change -0.28
    High 723.46
    Low 709.00
    Open 710.50
    Close 715.00
    Bid 708.50
    Ask 710.00
    Year High 882.00
    Year Low 715.00

    Maybe we should get in while they're this cheap Gordon !

  2. I am already an honorary shareholder by virtue of my expenditure within the said company's establishments.Thanks for the imfo pal.